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Rajasthan RTO

The Transport Department is set with the objective of enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The Rajasthan Transport Department enforces the provisions of Motor Vehicles Act and Rules and collection of Tax. Thus, the primary function is the registration of vehicles, issuance of driving licenses and permits, motor vehicle tax and enforcement of vehicles.

Functions of Rajasthan Transport Department

The Rajasthan Transport Department is mainly involved in the following functions and duties:

1. Registration of Motor Vehicle - Trade Certificate, Temporary Registration, Permanent Registration, Issuance of Renewal and Duplicate Registration Copy, Ownership Transfer, Address Change, Reassignment, No Objection Certificate, Diplomatic Vehicles, Number Reservation, Registration Codes, Registration Display are few of the functions under Registration of Motor Vehicle.

2. Issue of driving and conductor licenses – Issuance of learner license and permanent license. Issuance of renewal and duplicate license and international driving permit.

3. Issue of permits for goods and Passenger vehicles - Issuance of permits to Autorickshaw, Cabs - Luxury Cabs, Maxi Cab, Radio Cabs, City Cabs, Prepaid Taxi. Issuance of Temporary Permit, Private Service Vehicles, Education Institution Buses, Goods Carriage Permit, etc.

4. Collection of Motor vehicle taxes - Collection of various tax - Quarterly, Life time, Green Tax, Composite Tax, Border Tax, etc. Looking into Tax Exemptions matters.

5. Enforcement of Motor Vehicle Acts and Rules – To ensure that the provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act is enforced.

6. Road safety measures – Enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.

7. Vehicular pollution control measures – Checking noise and air pollution. Enforcing rules and regulation to maintain the same.

Contact Details of RTO Rajasthan

Address: Transport Commissioner, Parivahan Bhawan, Sahkar Marg, Jaipur Rajasthan.

Fax: 0141-2740177


Rajasthan RTO Codes with Office Locations

RTO LocationsRTO CodeRTO LocationsRTO Code
BikanerRJ07Ramganj Mandi, KotaRJ33
DungarpurRJ12Rawatbhata, KotaRJ38
Sri GanganagarRJ13Balotra, BarmerRJ39
JaipurRJ14Bhiwadi, AlwarRJ40
JaisalmerRJ15Chomu, JaipurRJ41
JaloreRJ16Kishangarh, AjmerRJ42
JhalawarRJ17Phalodi, JodhpurRJ43
JhunjhunuRJ18Sujangarh, ChuruRJ44
KotaRJ20Abu road, SirohiRJ46
NagaurRJ21Dudu, JaipurRJ47
PaliRJ22Kekri, AjmerRJ48
SikarRJ23Nohar, HanumangarhRJ49
SirohiRJ24Nokha, BikanerRJ51
Sawai MadhopurRJ25Shahpura, BhilwaraRJ52
TonkRJ26Shahpura, JaipurRJ53

How to Register a Vehicle in Rajasthan?

The Rajasthan RTO is responsible for registration of vehicles in the state. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 has made it mandatory for vehicle owners in Rajasthan to register their vehicle with the Rajasthan RTO in order to legally drive a vehicle in the state. Vehicle Registration Process at Rajasthan RTO

Documents required for registration of vehicle in Rajasthan

  • Vehicle registration application at the Rajasthan RTO has to be made in Form 20
  • Sales certificate in Form 21
  • Road worthiness certificate in Form 22
  • Vehicle invoice
  • Valid vehicle insurance
  • Copy of vehicle owner’s PAN card
  • 2 passport size photographs
  • Applicable application fee
  • Taxes in accordance with the Rajasthan Motor - Vehicle Taxation Act, 1951
  • For registration of an imported vehicle, custom clearance certificate and invoice is required
  • Citizenship certificate
  • Form 34, in case of loan hypothecation
  • Form for vehicle registration can be downloaded online through

Procedure for registration of motor vehicle at Rajasthan RTO

Verification of the above documents is done by the Rajasthan RTO officials and the vehicle is also inspected; only then a registration number is given to the applicant.

How to re-register a vehicle from other state in Rajasthan?

If you want to register your motor vehicle permanently in Rajasthan, then you will have to submit the above-mentioned documents along with a No Objection Certificate obtained from the original registering authority. Process for Getting Temporary Vehicle Registration Number in Rajasthan An applicant can obtain a temporary vehicle registration from a car dealer in Rajasthan. This number is provided at the time of vehicle purchase and is valid for a period of 1 month during which an individual has to make an application for permanent vehicle registration number.

  • Insurance certificate of the vehicle
  • PUC certificate
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Passport size photograph
  • Form 29 i.e. NOC issued by the original RTO
  • Form 29 i.e. notice of transfer of vehicle possession
  • Form 30 i.e. application for transfer of possession
  • Form 33 i.e. notice of change in address
  • Applicable road taxes and fees
  • NOC certificate issued by the financer, if the vehicle has been purchased on loan

How to get vehicle insurance in Rajasthan?

Vehicle insurance in Rajasthan can be bought either online or offline. It is important to know that purchasing a third party vehicle insurance is mandatory as per the rules of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. A third party insurance provides coverage against any damages caused to third person or property. General insurance companies also provide comprehensive vehicle insurance policies that provide coverage against damages caused to the driver, vehicle or third person or property.